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An Iranian App That Could Allegedly Detect COVID-19 Is Suspected of Spying on Its Users

In early March, Iranians received a message from the Iranian Ministry of Health, in which they were asked to install the AC19 app that supposedly detected COVID-19. In reality, it was created by authorities to monitor citizens' data.

The US Army Says Military Draft Texts Are Fake

The messages tell people that they need to come to the nearest Army recruiting branch “for immediate departure to Iran.”

Ukraine International Airlines Plane Crashes in Iran: Technical Malfunction or Iran Tricks?

On board of the wrecked Boeing 737 there were 167 passengers and nine crew members, while most victims were students.

Iran Remained Disconnected. The Most Advanced Intranet Shutdown

Iranian authorities decided to limit communication of protestors and disconnected the Internet at all.

Fuel Protests of Iranians Ignited the National Internet Disruptions

Iranian authorities found levers of influence against riot.

Microsoft Allege that Iran Hackers Attack U.S. Presidential Candidate

Phosphorous, the hacking group from Iran, been caught collecting personal data of American officials. Is that an attempt to influence the presidential election in 2020?

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