Iran underwent countrywide Internet failure, as reports.

On November 16, the leading Iranian operators, including MCI, Rightel and IranCell, left their customers without access to the web.

On Saturday at 6:45 p.m. by the local time, the number of online users decreased to 7% averagely all over the country.

It’s well aware that the current Iranian situation is near to the total shutdown of the national Internet. The real-time network data displays the regular connection up to 7%, which appeared after the 12 hours of progressive network outages during the public protests.

By cutting down the connection to the web, Iranian authorities have attempted to influence the protests over rising gasoline prices. The civil unrest took hold the largest cities of Iran, such as Tehran, Sirjan, Mashhad, and Birjand. The previous day, the local police forces warned about their counter-moves, if the rebellers do not stop violating public order and continue acts of vandalism.