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Beeper Is a New Chat App That Combines 15 Messengers in One Interface

Beeper integrates with the world’s most popular messaging services like Telegram, Signal, Instagram, Twitter, and WhatsApp, but what makes this app really interesting is its support for iMessage since it’s only officially available on Apple devices.

Pavel Durov Plans to Raise a $1 Billion Loan for Telegram

Last week, more than 25 million new users worldwide joined Telegram. Such growth led to a significant increase in the cost of maintaining the messenger's infrastructure. Therefore, Telegram is looking for additional funding.

Pavel Durov Revealed Success Secret to Facebook and Dispelled Three Myths About Telegram

In his latest Telegram post, Pavel Durov announced that Facebook is worried about the popularity of Telegram and that it has a department dedicated to finding out why Telegram is so popular. Durov decided to reveal the success secret for free.

WhatsApp Will Release a Major Update in 2021

This year, WhatsApp decided to please its users with the big update and added various new functions to the messenger, including vacation mode.

Top Popular Digital Skills You Should Master in 2021

We've compiled a selection of critical skills to master in 2021. These skills will be useful to everyone, not just digital and IT specialists, because digitalization has already taken over the world.

WhatsApp Will Stop Working on Some Devices in 2021

Starting January 1, 2021, WhatsApp will end support for devices that are not running iOS 9 or Android 4.0.3 operating systems.

Pavel Durov Promised That Telegram Would Monetize Next Year

Pavel Durov also assured users that he would not sell the messenger, thereby refuting rumors that Telegram was sold to

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