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WhatsApp Rolls Out Sleek New Design for iOS and Android Apps

Android users will benefit from a new 'darker dark mode' that offers enhanced contrast for better readability in low light conditions, addressing user feedback for more comfortable use.

WhatsApp Enhances Group Interaction with New Event Planning Feature

Initially, this feature will be available exclusively to groups within WhatsApp Communities—a service launched in November 2022 that links groups under a single umbrella for better connectivity.

Apple Complies with Chinese Order to Remove WhatsApp and Threads from App Store

Apple stated that it is obligated to comply with the laws of the countries where it operates, indicating a complex balance between adhering to local regulations and navigating the broader implications for global tech operations.

WhatsApp Unveils New Chat Filters to Streamline Message Searches

The popular messaging app now includes chat filters that allow users to quickly access messages based on their specific needs. This update, currently being rolled out, includes three initial filter options: All, Unread, and Groups.

WhatsApp Enhances Messaging Experience with New Text Formatting Options

Whether it's sharing a grocery list or exchanging coding snippets, WhatsApp's new text formatting options empower users to communicate with clarity and precision, enriching the messaging experience for millions worldwide.

Apple Bolsters iMessage Security Against Future Quantum Threats

By constantly refreshing encryption keys and integrating post-quantum cryptography with existing protocols, Apple ensures that iMessage remains at the forefront of secure messaging.

WhatsApp Introduces Custom Sticker Maker for iOS Users

While this feature is exclusive to iOS 17 and newer, users with older iOS versions can still edit existing stickers. Unfortunately, for Android users, the capability to create custom stickers is not available yet.

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