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WhatsApp Introduces Discord-Like Voice Chats for Large Groups

Unlike traditional group voice calls that ring every member, this feature offers a more discreet approach. Users will receive a push notification and find an in-chat bubble they can tap to join the voice chat.

Telegram Teases Its visionOS App with AR Stickers for Apple Vision Pro

One standout feature demonstrated in the teaser is an immersive video player that enhances the viewing experience. Additionally, the app includes animated AR stickers that expand beyond the app window, adding an extra layer of interactivity.

Signal Is Testing Usernames to Enhance Privacy

This move is aimed at providing a more confidential communication experience within the app and is currently in a pre-beta testing phase, with an official release planned for early 2024.

WhatsApp Introduces Passwordless Logins with Passkeys for Android Users

The passkey feature is expected to become available to Android users gradually over the coming weeks and months. It promises to offer a more secure and user-friendly way to access WhatsApp, ultimately reducing the reliance on traditional passwords.

WhatsApp Enables Two-Account Access for Android Users

To enable a second account, users will still need a separate phone number and SIM card, or a device that supports multi-SIM or eSIM technology. Once set up, you'll be able to seamlessly switch between accounts without the hassle of repeated logins.

Telegram's Latest Update Introduces Stories for Channels and More

Telegram is stepping up its game once again. In its latest update, the popular messaging app has introduced several exciting features, including Stories for channels, reaction stickers in Stories, and the ability to add your own music to Stories.

Clubhouse Reinvents Itself as an Audio Messaging App with a New Chats Feature

The new Clubhouse is now available on both iOS and Android. It aims to offer a more social and personalized messaging experience, allowing users to connect with friends and even friends of friends through voice.

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