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The Allegedly Spying App ToTok Gets Removed from Google Play Once Again

Now, it’s been almost a month since the app was reinstated, and Google has removed ToTok from the Play Store again.

Digital Cheating: What Is It?

Cheating has become frighteningly simple: incognito mode and sex chats are there to help you. There’s a brand new phenomenon that is breaking into our lives, and it’s digital cheating. But it really cheating, though?

A Popular ToTok Messenger Turned out to Be a Tool for Government to Spy on People

ToTok, a chat app that has millions of users in the United Arab Emirates and around the world, turned out to be a tool that allows the government to spy on its users.

Bloomberg Shut down Its Channel on WhatsApp

Bloomberg is finally available on Telegram! It’s now much easier to subscribe to their channel.

WhatsApp Will Shut down on Millions of Smartphones in 2020

The epoch of WhatsApp will end at the beginning of 2020. Most of its users can remove this app from their smartphones right away.

How to Track Your Contacts' Activity on WhatsApp Using the "Last Seen" Feature

Have you wanted to bypass the “Last Seen” feature for a long time but wasn’t ready to pay hackers for it? With The Internet Protocol guide, everyone can do it. You got it! WhatsApp contacts activity tracking is Here!

6 Bad Habits That Kill Your Productivity

Quite often, we cannot prioritize our tasks, distribute our time in the right way, and therefore stress out and cannot meet the deadlines. Don’t know what to do? Learn how to cope with that with our tips.