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Instagram Unveils 'Secret' Stories and New Interactive Stickers

The Reveal sticker, part of a broader update that includes music-sharing capabilities and Polaroid-style Frames, marks a significant shift in how content is interacted with on Instagram.

WhatsApp Enhances Group Interaction with New Event Planning Feature

Initially, this feature will be available exclusively to groups within WhatsApp Communities—a service launched in November 2022 that links groups under a single umbrella for better connectivity.

Apple Complies with Chinese Order to Remove WhatsApp and Threads from App Store

Apple stated that it is obligated to comply with the laws of the countries where it operates, indicating a complex balance between adhering to local regulations and navigating the broader implications for global tech operations.

WhatsApp Unveils New Chat Filters to Streamline Message Searches

The popular messaging app now includes chat filters that allow users to quickly access messages based on their specific needs. This update, currently being rolled out, includes three initial filter options: All, Unread, and Groups.

Instagram Finally Lets Everyone Edit Their DMs

In addition to message editing, Instagram introduced several other significant features, including the ability to toggle read receipts on or off and to pin up to three chats at the top of the inbox for quick access.

Instagram Users Can Now Share Short Looping Video Notes

Initially seen as a text-based feature, Notes gained popularity, especially among younger users. Instagram's efforts to boost engagement among this demographic include introducing video Notes and expanding response options.

Meta Implements Stricter Message Settings to Protect Teens on Facebook and Instagram

Meta is introducing enhancements to its parental supervision tools. Parents will now have the authority to approve or deny changes in default privacy settings made by their teenage children.

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