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Meta Introduces an Ad-Free Subscription for Facebook and Instagram in Europe

Starting in November, individuals in the EU, European Economic Area (EEA), and Switzerland will have the option to pay for a monthly subscription that allows them to use Facebook and Instagram without encountering ads.

Instagram Tests a Dedicated Feed for Meta Verified Users

Meta Verified subscribers gain several benefits, including a blue checkmark, enhanced customer support, and increased visibility in search and comments. This move is an effort to highlight these benefits and make the subscription more appealing.

Meta to Launch Broadcast Channels on Facebook and Messenger

Broadcast channels are already popular on other apps owned by Meta, like Instagram and WhatsApp. The idea is to make it easier for people who run Pages to talk to their followers and for followers to get exclusive content.

Meta and Ray-Ban Launch Next-Gen Smart Glasses

These smart glasses introduce hands-free live streaming to Facebook and Instagram, enabling you to share your experiences with just a few taps. A discreet white light around the lens indicates when you're recording.

Meta Unveils New AI-Powered Features Across Its Apps

Meta has introduced a range of AI-powered tools and features, promising to enhance user experiences across its apps. These innovations include AI assistants, image editing, AI-generated stickers, and AI personality chatbots.

Meta Reveals Updated Facebook Logo and Design Tweaks

Meta, the parent company of Facebook, has introduced a refreshed design for the iconic Facebook logo, marking the first phase of a broader identity system update. The new logo sports a deeper shade of blue and subtle tweaks to the lowercase "f."

Meta Finally Launches a Full-Featured Web Version of Its Threads App

Although the web experience currently lacks certain functionalities available in the mobile app, such as profile editing and direct messaging posts to Instagram, the Threads team has confirmed that they plan to enhance the web version's capabilities over time.

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