Instagram has expanded its "Limits" safety feature to provide users with enhanced options for managing interactions and safeguarding privacy. Initially designed to hide comments and messages from recent or non-following accounts, the feature now allows users to restrict interactions exclusively to their close friends list.

This update is part of Instagram's ongoing efforts to offer a safer environment, particularly for teenagers, amidst rising concerns over online bullying and harassment. With the new settings, users can mute incoming communications from all but their closest connections, ensuring that only selected individuals can send direct messages, tag, or mention them.

Instagram supports setting these restrictions for up to four weeks at a time, with the possibility for extension as needed.

Meta Implements Stricter Message Settings for Teens on Facebook and Instagram
Meta is introducing enhancements to its parental supervision tools. Parents will now have the authority to approve or deny changes in default privacy settings made by their teenage children.

Furthermore, Instagram has refined its "Restrict" feature, allowing users to restrict specific accounts from tagging or mentioning them. This enhancement aligns with broader protective measures introduced by Meta, Instagram's parent company, which recently implemented default settings to prevent adults from messaging minors who do not follow them.