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SpaceX Will Finally Launch Space Tourists into Orbit Around Earth

Space tourists will not be docked with the space station. Instead, they will orbit the Earth and then return.

Lego Released an International Space Station Set and Sent It into the Stratosphere

Lego launched a mini version of the ISS into the stratosphere. The model looks very realistic. For perfect implementation of this project, the company consulted NASA. Still, the project has some inaccuracies.

SpaceX Launched and Then Destroyed Its Rocket on Purpose in Astronaut Escape Test

The in-flight abort system test demonstrated how SpaceX’s Crew Dragon capsule would get through a disastrous rocket failure.

A Teen NASA Intern Unexpectedly Discovers a New Exoplanet

On the third day of his summer internship, Cukier spotted a circumbinary celestial object – a planet that orbits two stars.

Happy Holidays From Space! NASA Astronaut Celebrates Hanukkah in Festive Socks

NASA astronaut Jessica Meir showed colorful Hanukkah socks on the International Space Station on the first night of Hanukkah.

A Complete Guide to Apple TV+ Originals

Even though Apple TV+ has been launched just recently, it already has a lot of exciting stuff to offer. That is why we’ve made a list of all the TV shows and movies on Apple TV+ that you can start enjoying right now!

Hubble Space Telescope Captured an Image of a New Galaxy

Hubble discovered the galactic portal. Browse, how does the entrance to another dimension look like!