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Feel what it is like to be Elon Musk: NASA website now lets you create your own “photo” from the surface of Mars

Not so long ago, NASA's Perseverance rover successfully landed on Mars after nearly 7 months of travel. The agency has launched a photo booth on its website, which allows you to create your own picture from the Red Planet.

Mars Perseverance Photo Booth is an image generator with ready-made templates. There you can choose a background (a rover, a mission control center, an Atlas rocket, or even Mars itself) and upload your photo or a photo of the person you want to create an image with.

If you look on social media, there are tons of people on Mars now – but even more animals!

Icycycle: An American invented the bicycle for riding on ice

An engineer from the United States who runs The Q Youtube channel showed his new invention – an ice bicycle (icуcycle).

The man who runs his channel anonymously removed the regular wheels and spokes of his bicycle and replaced them with steel discs with sharp blades around the edges, which resemble giant circular saws.

It worked badly enough because the blades caught on the ice and didn't move. Then he added additional metal parts to each blade, and the ice bike was ready for a ride.