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Netflix is a popular streaming service headquartered in California. By getting a subscription to it, users gain access to a wide range of movies, TV series, documentaries, and other ad-free content. To try out the service, users can get a trial 30-day subscription that will automatically renew for as long as they choose.

15 Best TV Shows of 2020 According to BBC

British film critics Eddie Mullan and Hugh Montgomery compiled a special list for BBC of the best TV shows that were released in 2020. The list includes TV series from Netflix, HBO and Apple TV.

14 New Netflix, HBO and Hulu Series to Watch This Summer

TV series become a lifeline when you can spend as much time as possible at home. Here's our list of shows that will brighten up your evening and help you feel like you're in the movies.

Netflix Resumes 'The Witcher' Season 2 Shoot in August

On Twitter, Netflix announced that the studio would resume the shooting of The Witcher’s second season on August 17 in the U.K.

8 New Netflix and Other Series to Watch Right Now

Choose one of the best new Netflix and other series to watch from our list while you dream about the bright future with open cafes, restaurants, and cinemas.

Weekly Fun: Netflix Trolled the Eurovision, an Anti-Vaxxer Cat, and a Football Club That Welcomed the Wrong Coach

This week’s stories feature a smart speaker with blackjack and hookers, an awkward TikTok with a face Queen, a cat that is against vaccines, and a football club that accidentally welcomed the wrong new coach.

Summer 2020 Book Recommendations from Bill Gates

In addition to the annual list of five books, Gates also shared some other recommendations, including other books that are worth reading and even some Netflix series.

10 Worthy Netflix Movies You Might Have Missed

Be quick to read our selection of the most worthwhile Netflix films that will brighten up the monotonous evenings of self-isolation.

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