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Netflix is a popular streaming service headquartered in California. By getting a subscription to it, users gain access to a wide range of movies, TV series, documentaries, and other ad-free content. To try out the service, users can get a trial 30-day subscription that will automatically renew for as long as they choose.

Netflix Announced a New Top 10 Feature to Highlight the Most Popular Shows and Films on the Platform

The Top 10 rows will be updated every day, and their position will depend on how relevant they are to users.

It’s Happening: “Friends” to Return in an Unscripted HBO Special in May This Year

HBO Max has confirmed that the well-known and beloved sitcom “Friends” will return in an unscripted special in May this year.

Guess Who's Back: The New Stranger Things Teaser “From Russia With Love" Is Now Out

It’s time to rejoice! The new season of "Stranger Things" is on its way. The new teaser surprised the fans of the series.

The Complete List of Oscars 2020 Winners and Why Netflix Received Only Two Awards

The List of Oscars 2020 winners was finally announced. Unfortunately, Netflix, which collected record-breaking 24 Oscar nominations this year, ended up receiving only two.

Perhaps It Will Soon Be Possible to Play “The Witcher” in Tesla Cars

Elon Musk surprises us again. He launched a poll on Twitter, and maybe it will soon be possible to play “the Witcher” in Tesla cars.

New Netflix Original Series to Brighten up or to Worsen Your Night. “October Faction” and “Ragnarok” Are Coming Soon this January

Netflix confidently takes the lead in the quality if original it produces, so let’s stay tuned to the streaming service updates.

You Should Watch “The Witcher” Again Because You Have Probably Missed These 5 Interesting Details

Fans have already managed to pick the creators of dark-skinned Elves to pieces and make all the jokes about Gerald and Dandelion they possibly could.