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Reddit is an American website that serves as a news aggregator and a platform for web content ratings and discussions. As of 2020, Reddit is the 19th most popular site in the world and the 6th most visited website in the USA. Reddit is essentially a collection of smaller communities also called “subreddits,” each of which is dedicated to a particular topic.

Reddit User Played Doom Using a Rotary Phone as a Gamepad

The video's author demonstrated the process of playing Doom using a rotary phone as a gamepad but noted that remapping the rotary phone keys for Doom was an "awful experience."

Bill Gates Answered How He Changed His Life to Reduce His Carbon Footprint

Bill Gates drives electric cars, uses solar panels in his house, and sometimes eats synthetic meat to reduce his carbon footprint. Besides, he buys biofuels and is also investing in companies that are developing alternative heating systems for homes.

India Bans 59 Chinese Apps, Including TikTok, WeChat, and Weibo

Yesterday, the Ministry for Electronics and Information Technology announced the ban of 59 Chinese apps, stating that these apps were prejudicial to India's sovereignty and integrity, its defense, and the security of the state and public order.

Looted Amazon Go Store Automatically Billed Seattle Protesters

One of Amazon Go stores in Seattle was attacked by looters participating in the protest. According to Reddit users, the protesters were billed for the stolen goods.

Reddit User Found an Easy Way to Bypass YouTube Ads

YouTube currently only allows users who pay for subscription to watch ad-free videos. Other ways exist, but ad blockers do not fully solve the problem, especially on mobile devices. Reddit user has discovered a very simple and effective method of disabling ads on YouTube.

Weekly Fun: Elon Musk Renamed His Son, Infernal Shrek, and Take On Me Performed by a Washing Machine

This week’s stories feature an obstacle course for squirrels, a girl who teaches her cats how to draw a flower, and dad’s review on his daughter’s restaurant that went viral.

Reddit User Presented the Map of Los Santos From GTA V Carved in Wood

Reddit user shared his new work, a carved wooden map of Los Santos From GTA V. Many users liked the map and want to buy it, but the author said that game maps are just his hobby, but he cuts out maps of real cities and countries that are available for order.

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