OpenAI has partnered with social media giant Reddit to use its vast stores of data to train its AI models, marking a significant step forward in AI development.

Under the terms of the new partnership, OpenAI will integrate Reddit's content into its renowned AI tool, ChatGPT, as well as into upcoming products. This integration is expected to enhance the AI's understanding of human conversation and societal trends, pulling from Reddit’s rich repository of user discussions.

Reddit will benefit from this arrangement by gaining access to advanced AI features developed by OpenAI, which could transform user interaction on the platform. The specifics of these AI features remain under wraps, but they promise to offer new tools for both Reddit users and moderators.

Additionally, OpenAI will become a prominent advertising partner on Reddit. While the financial details of the deal have not been disclosed, it is evident that the partnership is mutually beneficial, aligning OpenAI's technological advancements with Reddit's expansive user base.

This partnership emerges amidst other significant contracts for OpenAI, including a reported $60 million deal with Google to train AI on Reddit data. These collaborations underscore the growing importance of real-time, structured data from platforms like Reddit in the development of sophisticated AI systems.