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Social media are online communications channels that help people share information or content and interact with each other. Clearly defining the term is quite tricky because there are numerous social media services available nowadays. The most well-known are Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, Snapchat, TikTok, etc.

Pinterest Unveils Key Color Trends for 2024

Drawing from its annual Pinterest Predicts report, which forecasts upcoming trends based on user behavior and search patterns, Pinterest Palette offers a glimpse into the color preferences shaping various aspects of culture.

Instagram Users Can Now Share Short Looping Video Notes

Initially seen as a text-based feature, Notes gained popularity, especially among younger users. Instagram's efforts to boost engagement among this demographic include introducing video Notes and expanding response options.

Meta Implements Stricter Message Settings to Protect Teens on Facebook and Instagram

Meta is introducing enhancements to its parental supervision tools. Parents will now have the authority to approve or deny changes in default privacy settings made by their teenage children.

Bluesky Welcomes Over a Million New Users in a Day, Surpassing 4 Million Milestone

Bluesky, the decentralized social media platform aiming to rival Twitter, has experienced a significant surge in user sign-ups, crossing the 4 million mark just one day after opening its doors to the public.

Instagram Introduces Nighttime Nudges to Encourage Teens to Log Off at Night

The notifications will appear automatically and cannot be turned off by teens. Instagram's goal is to promote healthy screen time habits among teenagers, particularly those who do not use time management features.

TikTok's Latest Feature Allows Direct Song Saving to Spotify and Apple Music

TikTok's influence on the music industry has been substantial, with songs trending on the platform often making their way to the Billboard charts and artists finding global recognition.

YouTube to Label AI-Generated Content and Address Deepfakes

YouTube will introduce clearer labels for content created using AI, with a banner in the video's description indicating that it is "altered or synthetic." The company acknowledges that it may remove AI-created videos containing disturbing or harmful content.

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