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Space is the expanse that exists beyond the Earth and celestial bodies. In space, there is no appreciable air to breathe and no blue sky because oxygen molecules are not in enough abundance to make the sky blue. The sound cannot be carried in space because molecules are not close enough to each other to transmit sound waves between them. No one knows exactly how big space is.

Virgin Orbit Sent a Rocket Into Space From Boeing 747

Virgin Orbit succeeded in the second test of its small satellite-launching rocket from a jet. Virgin Orbit's rocket reached orbit, and the satellites were released.

SpaceX Shared a Longer Video of Its Starship Test Flight

The video shows the spectacle of a 12-story-tall vehicle executing a controlled fall and landing flip maneuver.

China Successfully Launched a Lunar Sample Return Mission

If successful, the Chang'e 5 mission would make China the third country to retrieve rock samples from the Earth’s satellite and deliver them to our planet, after the US Apollo and the Soviet Luna missions over fifty years ago.

SpaceX Launched Its First Operational Crew Dragon Mission to the ISS

The flight called Crew-1 marks the first operational mission of the Crew Dragon as well as a new era of regularly sending people to the ISS for NASA.

Nasa’s Curiosity Mars Rover Took a Selfie on the Red Planet

NASA's Curiosity Mars Rover took a selfie in an area of the Red Planet called Mary Anning, named after the British explorer.

NASA’s OSIRIS-REx Collected a Large Amount of Asteroid Material

The OSIRIS-REx spacecraft coped with its task successfully and packed a container with sample particles of matter from asteroid Bennu inside a special capsule that will deliver it to Earth in 2023.

Starlink App Appeared in the App Store

Soon, Elon Musk will launch a next-generation satellite network project, Starlink. SpaceX added the Starlink application to the Apple App Store catalog but not to the Google Play Store yet.

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