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Black holes are a phenomenon that interests even those of us who preferred playing hooky to astronomy classes in school.

To put it in a simple, scientific way, a black hole is a region of space-time, the gravitational attraction of which is so great that even objects moving at the speed of light (including the photons of light themselves) cannot overcome it.

The edge of a black hole is called the event horizon. Black holes come in a variety of sizes – from supermassive (scientists even managed to take a photo of one of these!) to relatively compact. For example, one of the smallest black holes known today, the XTE J1650-500, is about the size of Manhattan. However, the weight of this "little baby" is comparable to the weight of three or four Suns, and its destructive power is no worse than that of Marvel's Thanos!

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In fact, any matter compressed to the Schwarzschild radius can become a black hole. For clarity, let us explain that our Sun would have to shrink to the size of a small city, and the Earth would become the size of a nut (for example, a peanut).

The authors of the YouTube channel morn1415 made a video explaining how black holes are born. In terms of the drama, it may be slightly inferior to Interstellar, but much shorter instead. And more accurate as well!