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Sundar Pichai is an Indian-American business executive and the CEO of Google and its parent company Alphabet. He was put in charge of Alphabet after the company’s cofounders, Larry Page and Sergey Brin, stepped down. He was hired by Google in 2004 to lead the development of Google Toolbar and Google Chrome. In 2013, he became the leader of the Android OS that powers smartphones all over the world. He became the CEO in 2015.

Google Announces the Dates for This Year's Google I/O Event

Google unveils a new version of its Android OS at the event. Therefore, it is expected that Android 13 will be unveiled on May 11. Other possible key announcements are a new version of Wear OS as well as the presentation of the mid-range Google Pixel 6a.

Google Pledges to Run on Carbon-Free Energy by 2030

This will include powering all of the company’s offices, campuses, and data centers for all products across Search, Maps, YouTube, and Gmail with only carbon-free electricity by 2030.

Google Extends Work-From-Home Policy Until July 2021

The search-engine giant’s CEO Sundar Pichai announced the news in an internal memo to workers via email on Monday to “give employees the ability to plan ahead.”

Google Tells the Majority of Its Employees to Work from Home Until 2021

Google is extending the company’s work-from-home policy until 2021 in an effort to protect its employees from the coronavirus infection.

Apple and Google Team up Against COVID-19 by Implementing Contact Tracing in iOS and Android Devices

Google and Apple are jointly developing a technology that will help government and health services use smartphones and their built-in Bluetooth module to combat the spread of COVID-19.

Google Encourages Employees to Work from Home Because of Coronavirus Concerns

Earlier, Google also advised workers in Dublin, Seattle, and San Francisco Bay Area to work from home, taking into account the current situation.

Google Had Stopped Working on “Dragonfly” Search App for China

"The censored Dragonfly search app for the Chinese market was stopped", the Google spokesman Karan Bhatia stated at a hearing in the U.S. Senate. The human right defenders stand against the project.

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