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Protests in Thailand Led to the Blocking of Telegram

Thailand police ordered the digital ministry to restrict the Free YOUTH group on Telegram, which played a key role in organizing protests. Authorities have been unable to stop rallies, and more than 80 people have been arrested since Tuesday.

Google Ends Its Free Wi-Fi Program Station in Public Places Around the World

Google decided to close the Station program that allowed free Wi-Fi in public places around the world due to the lack of a sustainable business model to continue the development of the project.

6 Myths About HIV and AIDS

Many misconceptions about HIV/AIDS continuously lead to discrimination against people with it. Today, on World AIDS Day, we will dispel common myths about HIV and AIDS.

Samsung: No More «Made in China» Smartphones

Samsung will assemble smartphones in other countries. Cooperation with China is not efficient for the South Korean giant any more.

TOP 5 Bangkok Restaurants to Visit in 2019

Bangkok is the place where new and old things gets along in harmony. The combination of exotic culture and world-class restaurants will make you want to come back.

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