The Thai government has asked local internet providers to block Telegram after a document marked "very confidential" was leaked and shared widely on social media.

An emergency government decree came into force in the country, giving intelligence officers the authority to block and censor any information posted on the Web that allegedly causes unrest in Thailand.

Anti-government protests have been taking place in Thailand for several days. The activists of these protests, like those in many other countries, use popular and secure messaging app Telegram to coordinate.

Protests have sparked discontent among the young Thai population. Despite the order to ban protests, activists rallied and called for the prime minister's resignation and the limitation of the monarchy's power.

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They demand reform and question the monarchy's role, an institution that has long been considered sacred in Thailand.

Recently, the Thailand-based youth protest group Free YOUTH decided to switch from Facebook to Telegram. During the day, 200,000 people entered the organization's chat. The Telegram group has reached the maximum number of users and can no longer accept new members. Police ordered the digital ministry to restrict the Free YOUTH group on Telegram, which played a key role in organizing protests.

Authorities have been unable to stop rallies since they issued an emergency order.

More than 80 people have been arrested since Tuesday. Arrested activists can be sentenced to imprisonment for up to 15 years if police find that they violated Thailand's strict lese-majeste laws, which prohibit the criticism of the monarchy.