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WhatsApp Web is a web version of the popular WhatsApp messenger that allows users to chat and make voice and video calls directly from the browser. Messages between your smartphone and the web version are synced as it is an extension of the mobile account. To activate WhatsApp Web, go to https://web.whatsapp.com/, scan the QR code with your mobile app, and WhatsApp Web will automatically launch in the browser.

WhatsApp Introduced New Privacy Updates and Launched a Windows Native App

WhatsApp users can silently leave group chats without letting every participant know. Another privacy-focused feature will let WhatsApp users choose who can and cannot see when they're online.

Last Seen App: Feel Like a Hacker With WhatsApp Activity Tracking Software

Last Seen is the best easy-to-use app for tracking your contacts' activity on WhatsApp effortlessly. You can manage notifications, check your contacts' activity log with detailed last seen reports to get an idea of how much time they spend online.

WhatsApp Web and Desktop Versions Will Get Voice and Video Calls Feature

WhatsApp Web/Desktop voice and video calls feature is still not available for everyone, but some users have managed to activate beta in the service's web version.w

Handy Tips: How to Find Out If Someone Else Logged Into Your WhatsApp and Sees All Your Messages

The Internet is replete with articles and life hacks on how to read someone’s messages. But for some reason, no one writes about how to find out whether a stranger is reading all your messages, so we decided to fix it.

WhatsApp Group Chat Crash & Data Loss Bug

WhatsApp vulnerabilities allowed hackers to block group chat participants, change the general parameters, and even to change the text of the message.

How to Track Your Contacts' Activity on WhatsApp Using the "Last Seen" Feature

Have you wanted to bypass the “Last Seen” feature for a long time but wasn’t ready to pay hackers for it? With The Internet Protocol guide, everyone can do it. You got it! WhatsApp contacts activity tracking is here!

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