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Wikipedia to Launch a Paid Service for Big Tech Companies

Wikimedia Enterprise will offer paid services such as providing commercial partners with real-time updates and access to the entire array of Wikipedia data in a compatible and convenient format.

Why a Flower Pic on Wikipedia Suddenly Began to Gain 90 Million Views a Day?

A photo of a daisy suddenly began to gain millions of views every day. It suspiciously coincided with the blocking of TikTok in India, so the Wikimedia team decided to check all popular applications in India and their copies to find a built-in daisy photo.

Google Launches ‘About This Result’ Feature on Search

The new feature is designed to tell searchers more about where the information is coming from, helping them understand whether the website is reliable and can be trusted.

What Is Today? Wikipedia's Birthday

Wikipedia celebrates its 20th anniversary today. As Wikipedia writes about itself, it began its work on this day in 2001, launched by Jimmy Wales and Larry Sanger.

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