Zelig Brez

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Zelig Brez is one of the founders of JMC and, for the last 22 years, served as executive director of the Jewish Community of Dnipro. Zelig was involved in the construction of the Menorah Center - the biggest Jewish center in the world.

JMC Is Going to Implement Dr. Zelenko’s Coronavirus Treatment Plan

Last week, the CrowdProtocol team took part in a Zoom video conference with Dr. Vladimir Zelenko, where he shared his thoughts about the way patients infected with COVID-19 should be treated. Now, we have additional information – his opinion about artificial ventilation of the lungs.

The Details of the Zoom Meeting Between JMC Representatives and Dr. Zelenko

In early April, the representatives of the JMC clinic, Zelig Brez and Professor Rodinsky, had a Zoom meeting with Dr.Vladimir Zelenko, where they found out if ventilators are essential in the coronavirus treatment.

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