Last week, Dr. Vladimir Zelenko, a board-certified family practitioner, and the representatives of the Jewish Medical Center (JMC) in Dnipro, Ukraine, Zelig Brez, one of the founders of the JMC and the executive director of the Jewish Community of Dnipro, Prof. Aleksandr Rodinsky, director of the JMC, and Prokhorova Yana, a JMC therapist of the first category, had the following video conference in Zoom.

The Outcome of the Zoom Meeting with Dr. Zelenko
On April 24, the CrowdProtocol team took part in a Zoom video conference call with Dr. Vladimir Zelenko, where he shared his thoughts about the way patients infected with COVID-19 should be treated and about the launch of a global platform for the doctors and health care providers.

Dr. Vladimir Zelenko, a doctor who has been working in the United States for the past 16 years, shared his thoughts on the coronavirus pandemic and the detailed coronavirus treatment plan based on his own experience in treating COVID-19 patients.

A Detailed Coronavirus Treatment Plan from Dr. Zelenko
We received an exclusive letter from Dr. Vladimir Zelenko again, in which he told his story and shared his COVID-19 treatment plan in detail.

The treatment plan receives a lot of criticism because of the problems that people with arrhythmia are experiencing. According to specialists from the USA, such problems occur in 1 case out of 1,000 when using hydroxychloroquine in combination with the azithromycin antibiotic. Even if the risk of this problem is assumed at the level of 1 case per 250 for chloroquine phosphate due to its greater toxicity, there is 1 problem case for 250 cured patients.

The Details of the Zoom Meeting Between JMC Representatives and Dr. Zelenko
In early April, the representatives of the JMC clinic, Zelig Brez and Professor Rodinsky, had a Zoom meeting with Dr.Vladimir Zelenko, where they found out if ventilators are essential in the coronavirus treatment.