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Ivan Tkachenko immigrated to Canada when he was a university student. He observes the latest political news, particularly those concerning Eastern Europe, as this is where his homeland and heart are. Ivan is highly skilled at interviewing, researching, writing, and designing material under both routine and unpredictable circumstances. He is also experienced in public outreach and coordinating projects of all sizes.

Meta-Analysis of the Randomized Controlled Trials of Early Ambulatory Hydroxychloroquine in the Prevention of COVID-19 Infection, Hospitalization, and Death

Medrxiv, an Internet site distributing complete but unpublished manuscripts in the areas of medicine and clinical research, published a meta-analysis of the randomized controlled trials of early ambulatory hydroxychloroquine in the prevention of COVID-19 infection, hospitalization, and death.

Dr. Vladimir Zelenko Urges Everyone to Use His Treatment Protocols to Save Lives

Dr. Zelenko again urges everyone to take action and seriously consider using his protocols in COVID-19 treatment, even if this will mean changing your current doctor as many of them are afraid to try protocols that really work.

'Political Crap' Continues: EU Commission Appeals Apple Ruling Over $14.9 Billion Tax Case in Ireland

EU Commission demanded that the Irish government levy unpaid taxes from Apple in the amount of €13 billion ($14,9 billion). Apple CEO Tim Cook called the EU decision "total political crap."

Please Give the Zelenko Protocol an Emergency Use Authorization

Getting an Emergency Use Authorization for the developed COVID-19 treatment protocol is essential to make it accessible to many people suffering from the disease.

Trump Sets Deadline for TikTok U.S. Ban Unless the American Company Buys It

At a press conference in the White House, U.S. President Donald Trump explained in detail why, in his opinion, Microsoft or another "big," "secure," and "very American" company should buy TikTok.

Νέα έρευνα σε εξωτερικούς ασθενείς αποκαλύπτει ότι ο συνδυασμός Ψευδάργυρου, Υδροξυχλωροκινης, και αζιθρομυκίνης σχετίζεται με μειωμένες νοσηλείες και θανάτους σε ασθενείς με COVID-19

Η μελέτη αναφέρει ένα πολύ χαμηλό ποσοστό θνησιμότητας 0,71% σε ασθενείς που έλαβαν θεραπεία με επιβεβαιωμένα θετικά κρούσματα COVID-19.

Aimsíonn StaidéAR Othar Seachtrach Nua-Fhoilsithe Go Bhfuil Comhgléas Sinc, Hydroxychloroquine Agus Azithromycin Bainteach Le NíOS Lú Cur San Ospidéal Agus Báis in Othair COVID-19

Tuairiscíonn an staidéar ráta báis an-íseal de 0.71% in othair chóireáilte le cásanna dearfacha dearbhaithe de COVID-19.

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