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Liam Hunt is a staff writer covering TV and cinema. He provides creative insights into the world of movies and pop culture and deals with reviews and the latest releases.

The List of Movie Premiere Delays or How COVID-19 Affects the Film Industry

The film industry was hugely affected by the novel coronavirus. All 2020 movie premiers are delayed. Why is it so and why can’t film studios move releases to streaming services?

Apple Showed the World a Unique Video About the Hermitage Shot Entirely on iPhone 11 Pro

In Russia, three cameramen shot a unique film about the Hermitage Museum that lasts more than 5 hours. It is likely to get into the Guinness Book of Records as the new longest film.

Netflix Announced a New Top 10 Feature to Highlight the Most Popular Shows and Films on the Platform

The Top 10 rows will be updated every day, and their position will depend on how relevant they are to users.

The New “Fantasy Island" Is a Terrible Horror

The new "Fantasy Island" became one of the worst horror movies. It was intended to be a gloomy reinvention of the eponymous series, but something went wrong with the script.

A Ukrainian Student Bought the Right to Film an Adaptation of Stephen King's Short Story "Stationary Bike" for $1

A 19-year-old Ukrainian received the rights to the film adaptation of Stephen King’s story "Stationary Bike" after applying for the Dollar Baby program. The deal cost him $1.

It’s Happening: “Friends” to Return in an Unscripted HBO Special in May This Year

HBO Max has confirmed that the well-known and beloved sitcom “Friends” will return in an unscripted special in May this year.

“Mulan” Will Be the First Movie Remake of the Classic Disney Cartoon With a "Cruel" Rating of PG-13

“Mulan,” the latest Disney’s live-action movie directed by Niki Caro, will be the first live-action cartoon remake to be given a PG-13 rating.