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Liam Hunt is a staff writer covering TV and cinema. He provides creative insights into the world of movies and pop culture and deals with reviews and the latest releases.

The Top 7 Most Anticipated TV Shows of 2021

If you feel like you have already watched everything, we have good news. 2021 will be full of awesome TV series premieres of all kinds. We have gathered the most anticipated ones in this article.

5 Mini-Series Short Enough to Watch in a Day

If you're looking for a way to spend your weekend with some first-rate at-home entertainment, these astonishing mini-series are right what you need.

7 TV Series With Strong Female Characters Everyone Should Watch

If cold weather is making you sad, we are coming to the rescue with a bunch of stunning TV series. Their main characters amaze with their fortitude, always know what they want, and confidently move towards their goal.

4 Mini-Series You Can Binge-Watch in a Single Day

Unlike regular TV series, sitcoms, and soap operas, mini-series are complete stories. Therefore, you can be sure you will not spend several years watching them just to find out how the whole story ends.

Brain Orgasm: 7 YouTube Channels With Soothing ASMR Videos

Although the effect of ASMR is often referred to as “braingasm,” there is nothing sexual about it. People watch ASMR videos to relax, calm down, or get rid of sleeping problems. We have found a bunch of YouTube channels that will help you do the same.

4 Inspiring Movies and TV Series About Carrier, Success, and Talent

We declare the age-old question “What to watch right now?” answered for at least a couple of weeks because the movies and TV series from our compilation will definitely enthrall you.

What Is Today? International Cinema Day

On 28 December 1895, brothers Auguste and Loui Lumière, owners of a factory producing photographic plates, showed their first film in the Grand Café on the Boulevard de Capucines in Paris.

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