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Liam Hunt is a staff writer covering TV and cinema. He provides creative insights into the world of movies and pop culture and deals with reviews and the latest releases.

What Is Today? International Cinema Day

On 28 December 1895, brothers Auguste and Loui Lumière, owners of a factory producing photographic plates, showed their first film in the Grand Café on the Boulevard de Capucines in Paris.

The Highest-Grossing Christmas Movies, According to the Forbes

On a beautiful evening of Catholic Christmas, we invite you to watch a themed film. The Forbes list contains the highest-grossing Christmas films in the history of the American box office.

9 Christmas Episodes From Your Favorite TV Series

The Internet Protocol team has selected iconic Christmas episodes to help you enjoy these December evenings in anticipation of the most magical holiday of the year.

What Is Today? The Simpsons' Birthday

The iconic animated series The Simpsons is celebrating its birthday today! It was on December 17, 1989, that the first episode about this beloved family premiered on TV.

What Is Today? Woody Allen's Birthday

Today, one of the greatest directors of our time, Woody Allen, celebrates his 85th birthday. One of his earliest films was Love and Death, which won the 1975 UNICRIT Award.

9 Great Movies to Watch During the Fall Season

We’ve compiled a list of beloved fall movies that have nothing to do with Halloween but will definitely deliver all the autumn feels. These movies will help you get through the autumn blues and save you from the feeling of loneliness.

Who Is Baby Yoda and Why Is He Everywhere? The Complete Guide to the Mandalorian Star

On October 30, the first episode of the second season of The Mandalorian was released. On this occasion, we will tell you who Baby Yoda is and why the whole world is crazy about him.

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