Usually, directors trying to make a movie based on a video game create such nonsense that not only gamers, but also any self-respecting viewer would hate it. In this article, we’ve collected several examples of such failed and terrible films.

1. Street Fighter

The film turned out to be a ridiculous caricature of the game with "plastic" heroes and villains, unclear script, and also amusing fights. Although children of the 90s often remember it with nostalgic feelings.

2. Hitman

Unlike the game prototype, the main character has turned from a brutal killer into some kind of glamorous bastard, and the script cannot be criticized enough. It was especially regrettable that before the premiere, the authors released a rather intriguing trailer, but having seen the film, the fans fled from the cinemas in horror, throwing their popcorn.

3. Sonic The Hedgehog

The film about the blue speed hedgehog from the game Sonic began with a failure literally right with a trailer. After watching the trailer, it was difficult not to facepalm from the way the main character was drawn. The fuzzy blue something spawned a lot of memes and redesigns, and Paramount even had to postpone the premiere to redraw the hedgehog.

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4. Bloodrayne

The film adaptation of the gripping and bloody game BloodRayne about a human-vampire lady turned into an indistinct mess of script clichés, pretentious dialogues, and actors that could only look naturally in action movies of the 80s. Besides, the movie has almost nothing to do with a video game set in Nazi Germany, because the movie is suddenly set in Romania.

5. Mortal Kombat: Annihilation

If the first film adaptation of Mortal Kombat is considered iconic, the sequel sucks so much that it would be better if it did not exist at all. In the desire to add as many characters from the game as possible to the film (and there are dozens of them), they were ultimately unable to develop intelligible characters and at least some kind of backstory. It seems like they only needed these characters to get out, wave their legs, and die.

6. Resident Evil, all parts after the second

If the first two films based on the series of Resident Evil games turned out to be excellent horror films, after that, Paul Anderson was apparently overwhelmed by greed. Starting with the second part, Resident Evil began to turn into graphics-packed trash, much to the chagrin of fans of Milla Jovovich and the franchise as a whole.

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7. Super Mario Brothers

This one is perhaps the most striking example of a crazy movie that can be made based on the world's most popular video game. However, there was no special motive in the game besides saving the princess, so the director could shoot whatever came into his head.