Mozilla announced all the details about the Firefox Send service in the official blog.

The free file sharing service allows downloading from 1 GB to 2.5 GB documents if there is a registered account in Firefox. The developers underlined that any added information is highly secured. The end-to-end encryption in the Firefox software gives file access strictly to the sender and the receiver. Besides, all data can be additionally protected with a password. Users can opt the limit of downloads or the time-frame until the link is active in the cloud.

So far, the service is available in demo-version, but soon engineers plan to deliver the beta version of Firefox Send for Android. Meanwhile, users can find out more about the new program in the demo video review which proves the simplicity of service usage.

Seemingly, the new tool will be safe enough for sharing documents of high importance – financial or private, for instance. Most experts mark the trustworthiness of Mozilla, in disregard of its reducing market positions amid other leading browsers. The company claims that they handle data with respect to the privacy of users, aiming to protect it and what’s uses mechanisms with no passphrase request.

Mozilla has already introduced a new extension for the Firefox browser by using which customers can browse interesting articles based on the open page and recent history of views. For example, if a user chooses a movie or restaurant, the extension can offer web-page links with additional information. The extension work results are displayed in the Firefox sidebar.