French company Stanley Robotics started specialized testing of parking robots at the Lyon airport. The idea is perfect and straightforward as all passengers can leave their cars on the day of departure and take it back from the same place at the arrival day.

It goes like this: the passenger comes at the airport by his car before the departure, and parks it in a particular garage at the entrance to the main parking. The system determines the brand and model of the vehicle using a mobile app. After that, a robot called Stan brings a loading platform under the car to lift it and move to the individual parking lot appointed by the system. So, the day the car owner returns, Stan puts the vehicle to the same garage where the driver left it.

The experts of Stanley Robotics highlight that this is an excellent parking space saving method as the robots can place cars in a more compact way — parking 1.5 times more cars than drivers using the given area. There are two reasons for that, first of all, because the automated parking assistants know the unique way of parking, and second – the system can rationally distribute all vehicles in the parking lot knowing the day of the customers return. The new-gen parking system includes four robots of the Stanley company which are capable to cater up to 200 vehicles daily.

Stanley Robotics has a series of suchlike testings in the large European airports to develop the most convenient parking infrastructure and get rid of annoying parking routine or traffic jams. Düsseldorf and Paris airports were tested previously, and now the company is going to run the experiment in London Gatwick Airport this year. All-in-all, the Lyon probations showed the need for computerized parking, but today it serves only the 500 car places amid the several existing thousands considering the around-the-clock working schedule of the airport.