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Kay Lee is a copy editor residing in Europe. Having an eye for both crucial details and the big picture, she brings high-quality material related to various tech topics.

How to Control an Android Device from a Computer: Three Useful Programs

Are you tired of refocusing attention from a PC to a smartphone? Or you gave your mother her first smartphone, and she doesn't know how to use it? Connect your Android device to a PC and use it remotely.

Uber Partners Up with Adomni to Bring Ads on Top of Its Vehicles

Uber will even create a new business unit called Uber OOH (which stands for Out of House) powered by Adomni partnership.

Facebook to Pay Its Users for Their Voice Recordings

The recordings made within the app will particularly help train those speech recognition algorithms powering Portal devices.

Xiaomi MIUI 11 Update Is Delayed Because of the Coronavirus Outbreak

Despite the existing situation, Xiaomi assures that the updates will be delivered within a few weeks.

Hot Wheels Created the Tesla Cybertruck That Accelerates to 40 km/h

The American company Hot Wheels introduced a radio-controlled toy copy of Elon Musk’s Cybertruck. The miniature version of Cybertruck will go on sale in December 2020.

SpaceX Will Finally Launch Space Tourists into Orbit Around Earth

Space tourists will not be docked with the space station. Instead, they will orbit the Earth and then return.

Google Ends Its Free Wi-Fi Program Station in Public Places Around the World

Google decided to close the Station program that allowed free Wi-Fi in public places around the world due to the lack of a sustainable business model to continue the development of the project.