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Kay Lee is a copy editor residing in Europe. With over 4 years of experience in technical writing and creating end-user documentation for high-end electronics.

Instagram Unveils 'Secret' Stories and New Interactive Stickers

The Reveal sticker, part of a broader update that includes music-sharing capabilities and Polaroid-style Frames, marks a significant shift in how content is interacted with on Instagram.

The Customizable Arc Browser Finally Expands to Windows

The Windows version of Arc retains the core features that have captivated Mac users, including customizable web spaces, a command bar for streamlined browsing, and integrated audio and video controls.

SpaceX Unveils New EVA Suits for Upcoming Commercial Spacewalks

They are equipped with 3D-printed helmets that include a heads-up display for vital information on the suit’s pressure, temperature, and relative humidity, and special visors to reduce glare.

WhatsApp Rolls Out Sleek New Design for iOS and Android Apps

Android users will benefit from a new 'darker dark mode' that offers enhanced contrast for better readability in low light conditions, addressing user feedback for more comfortable use.

Apple Opens Up Direct App Downloads Through Web Sites in the EU

For users, the process to install web-distributed apps involves setting permissions within their device settings, and they will be greeted with a detailed installation screen that provides comprehensive information about the app.

WhatsApp Enhances Group Interaction with New Event Planning Feature

Initially, this feature will be available exclusively to groups within WhatsApp Communities—a service launched in November 2022 that links groups under a single umbrella for better connectivity.

Anthropic Launches the Claude AI App on iOS and a New Team Plan

The Claude Team plan, priced at $30 per user per month, offers a higher volume of interactions per user and the ability to handle more complex data sets and longer documents.

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