Today Samsung Electronics announced the release of new air purifiers designed to provide consumers with clean air. Equipped with handy functions and smart technologies, new air purifiers showcase Samsung's cutting edge technologies supplemented by modern design.

Samsung offers an excellent, classy, and reasonably compact solution to the problem of polluted air. For the moment, environmental problems come first. Even if we cannot protect ourselves from the dirty air on the streets, we still can do this at home quite successfully thanks to the new Samsung air purifiers. If you live in a big city, it is sometimes hard to at least let some fresh air into our house because we won’t really let in anything apart from dust and exhaust fumes. The new purifiers meet all the requirements due to the advanced features of the purification, including the filtration systems.

New units work quickly and effectively; the sensors provide users with detailed information about indoor air quality conditions. They also support Wi-Fi, which lets the users monitor the air pollution level indoors from any place and conveniently control it remotely with the help of SmartThings application.

Samsung Cube AX9500 is the first Samsung’s model using Wind-Free™ purification system to be introduced to the European market. Unlike other air purifiers, this device does not cause draughts or noise.

“Samsung’s latest air purifiers have efficient airflow and outstanding purification system that consumers need,” said Wim Vangeenberghe, Head of HVAC Solution Biz Group, Samsung Electronics. “We are committed to the health and safety of consumers around the world, and our powerful purification systems fulfill that commitment.”