Everyone is always looking forward to fall, as this time of the year is abundant with various novelties and presentations. October pleasantly surprised users with the new GoPro models. The eighth generation of action cameras was officially released. In particular, GoPro Hero8 and GoPro MAX models were presented.

GoPro Hero8

Outwardly, Hero8 model is practically no different from Hero 7. The camera is protected from water and dust in accordance with the IP68 standard; therefore, it can be immersed to a depth of up to 10 meters. However, as for the sound, there can be some slight changes. For instance, the microphone input port was moved to the front panel to improve audio quality. New GoPro accessories, the so-called “Mods”, were added as well, such as a microphone, a LED light (for recording in low light), and a flip-up display.


The major novelty is certainly GoPro MAX, a dual-lens 360-degree GoPro camera. Photos, videos, panoramic images and even vlogging will not be a problem for this model. Six built-in microphones ensure realistic stereo sound, which can with no doubt be called the best stereo sound in the history of GoPro.

Furthermore, maximum video resolution you can get is 5.6K at 30FPS. Another remarkable feature is the in-camera Horizon Leveling that gives you a smooth image in footage of any kind, be it car drifting, air tricks or playing with kids.
High-quality live streaming is also available. Shoot in “Hero mode” and share your moments while experiencing them. Go live on social media in the 1080p format and use Max HyperSmooth stabilization via GoPro App at this time. Then save the files to the SD-card to take a look at them later.

Being in the “Hero mode”, the camera knows where you are whether you’re in snow, on the beach, underwater or anywhere else. This lets the GoPro App select the best shots and turn them into fantastic video clips.