The unique material makes people and objects unseen behind it. They call it “invisibility cloak” made of Quantum Stealth material and it really conceals people or even a building.

Canadians stated that this project can interest the military sector as strategic objects will be virtually unavailable for the enemy. Dezeen publication wrote about it one of these days.

The scientist and inventor Guy Kramer said that cloak conceals object thanks to the specific light refraction. Quantum Stealth reflects light from ultraviolet to infrared; as a result, it bends the background. Location of objects matters, for example, the distance between the shield and the body, thus you can see things if they are very close or very far away. But observers can guess that something is hidden behind it, although not able to distinguish details.

The scientist described the material as a thin and light one, doesn’t require external power sources and relatively inexpensive to produce. The company hasn’t reported about the mass production of Quantum Stealth yet.

Check out the video from inventors.