Knectek Labs, a company that develops and manufactures products that fit into the everyday life, and townew have presented a smart townew trash can and introduced it to the North American market. It was created with the purpose of finding a “clearer way to deal with trash.” The technology allows the trash can to seal and change trash bags on its own without anyone’s help. Carrying the sealed bag to the curb will still be your responsibility, though.

The sales of the product started in 2019 after the trash can project received more than $140,000 from contributors on Indiegogo.

Once you’re ready to get rid of some garbage, you will need to approach the trash can, and it will open automatically thanks to the sensors that detect movement from up to 35 cm. When ready to take the garbage away, simply hold the touch button and get ready to grab the bag once the sealing is done. After the sealed bag is removed, the townew trash can will automatically pull a new bag.

The trash can is not a large one – it weighs 3.6kg when empty, is about 40cm tall, and can store 1.5 liters. The novelty will come in two colors: white and teal.

The great advantage of the townew trash can is that it is environmentally friendly. It should only be used with special-made trash bags that come in removable refill rings. Two options come at slightly different prices: recyclable refill rings and biodegradable refill rings. The latter are made from HDPE polyethylene and biodegradation technology, which let them decompose into carbon dioxide and water. The company says that you will need to refill the ring once a month.

For now, you can buy the townew trash can for $99.95. The Ring Refills come for $17.95 (recyclable 3-pack), $29.95 (recyclable 6-pack), $26.95 (biodegradable 3-pack), $44.95 (biodegradable 6-pack).