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Noah is crazy about tech and gadgets. He can tell you about recent products and updates simply and easily and will explain you why the new iPhone is cooler than the previous one.

Google Unexpectedly Released the Debut Android 11 Developer Preview 1

The features of Android 11 Developer Preview will be developed in the new version of the operating system: fifth-generation networks, folding screens, and machine learning technologies.

Panasonic, Nokia, Airbus, and Others Have Teamed up to Develop a Single Standard for Onboard Wi-Fi

Even though the technology is developing rapidly, we still cannot use fast and high-quality Wi-Fi during the flight. Seamless Air Alliance intends to fix it soon.

How Coronavirus Affects Apple: iPhone Prices Will Rise, iPhone 9 and iPad Pro Are Delayed

iPhone production in Chinese factories is behind schedule. At this stage, Apple can process from 30 to 50% of orders. The iPhone 9 may be released in April, but now it is unlikely to be cheap.

A New $20 “Bracelet of Silence” Jams Any Spying Microphones Nearby

A new invention in the form of a bracelet – a wearable microphone jammer – can drown out more than 99.5% of all existing recording devices.

Nike Introduced New Self-Lacing Sneakers

New Nike sneakers can be controlled using a smartphone. In the app, the user can see the condition of the laces, as well as the temperature and the humidity inside the shoe.

Mitsubishi Created Fake Skylight Video Displays for Stressed Office Workers in Japan

The Japanese company Mitsubishi Electric designed artificial windows called Misola for employees who often need to work overtime.

Escobar Fold 2 for $399 Is Going to Bury Samsung Galaxy Fold

Escobar Inc., founded by Roberto, the brother of Pablo Escobar, presented the second folding smartphone called Escobar Fold 2. It has a more modern processor and exactly repeats the characteristics of the Samsung Galaxy Fold.