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Noah is crazy about tech and gadgets of all kinds. He can tell you about recent products and updates simply and easily and will explain to you why the new iPhone is cooler than the previous one.

Apple Unveils 2024 iPad Pro and iPad Air with Major Upgrades

The iPad Air has also received a significant refresh, now available in both 11-inch and 13-inch displays, marking the first time the Air model has ventured into larger screen sizes.

Boston Dynamics Introduces Sparkles, A Furry Dancing Robot Dog

The Choreographer system enables real-time analysis of Sparkles' physical movements, allowing the robot to adapt to environmental constraints such as slippery floors or nearby people, ensuring it does not lose its balance.

Xiaomi's Black Shark Challenges Smart Ring Market with 180-Day Battery Life

Beyond its stylish appearance, the ring is equipped with comprehensive health monitoring capabilities, including heart rate, blood oxygen saturation, and body temperature tracking.

Boston Dynamics Unveils a New All-Electric Version of its Humanoid Robot Atlas

This announcement comes a day after the retirement of the original hydraulic Atlas, marking a significant evolution in the company's approach to humanoid robotics.

Nothing Unveils New Transparent Earbuds with ChatGPT Integration

A notable addition to these earbuds is the integration with ChatGPT, which allows users to interact with the AI via voice commands. This feature is available when paired with a Nothing smartphone where the ChatGPT app is installed.

Boston Dynamics Retires Atlas, Its Trailblazing Humanoid Robot

Atlas, known for its human-like agility and a series of viral videos showcasing its dance moves and athletic prowess, is stepping down to make way for newer technologies.

New AI Wearable 'Limitless Pendant' Launches to Record Conversations

It is designed to record conversations, meetings, and daily interactions, storing the data securely in the cloud. Users can later access transcriptions, real-time notes, and summaries of their recordings.

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