The foldable smartphone market has been expanding day by day since 2019 when Samsung introduced its first incredible Galaxy Fold. Then followed the new Motorola Razr, and now the Galaxy Z Flip was presented in San Francisco.

Samsung introduced the perfect-looking foldable Galaxy Z Flip. Today, we will analyze all the technical specifications of the Motorola Razr and the Galaxy Z Flip.


The Galaxy Z Flip has a minimalistic design, while Motorola Razr has a classic American design. Smartphones are almost dissimilar to each other, and both have differences in size, structure, design, and weight.

For example, the dimensions of the Razr are 17.2x7.2x0.7 cm (in an open position), while the weight of the smartphone is 205g.

The minimalist Z Flip measures 7.4x16.7x0.7 cm in an open position and weighs about 183g.

The devices look somewhat ambiguous: Razr resembles the 2004 Motorola models, and the Z Flip supports modern minimalism trends.

The Razr is equipped with a stainless steel and plastic frame, and the Z Flip consists of a Gorilla Glass 6 coating throughout the rear case, including the first bendable mechanism, which is also made of glass.

Design comparison: Motorola Razr on the left, Samsung Galaxy Z Flip on the right


Motorola Razr has a main 6.2-inch bendable plastic POLED display, 2142x876, as well as an external 2.7-inch mini-display.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip received the main bendable glass AMOLED-display on 6.7 inches, 2636x1080, as well as a small external 1.1-inch 300x112 display, which is designed for viewing messages and receiving calls.

Motorola used a plastic surface to make its bendable display, while Samsung patented special bendable ultra-thin glass (UTG) and installed it on the Z Flip. There is no doubt that the screen of the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip will be protected much better than Motorola’s.

Display comparison: Motorola Razr on the left, Samsung Galaxy Z Flip on the right


Inside the Razr, developers placed the Qualcomm Snapdragon 710 processor, while the Z Flip is equipped with the new Qualcomm Snapdragon 855+. Here Motorola lost ground because the new Snapdragon has much higher performance and capabilities.

The same thing is with memory: the Razr received 6 GB of RAM, as well as external storage with 128 GB of memory, while the Z did not spare 8 GB of RAM and 256 GB to store your files.

The Motorola battery capacity is only 2150 mAh; the Z Flip boasts a battery with a capacity of as much as 3300 mAh.

As for pleasant and similar specs, both phones support fast charging of 15 watts. Both of these phones support eSIM, although Motorola uses this technology as the main SIM card. In the Galaxy Z Flip, you can also install a regular SIM card.

Of course, the Razr is a bit worse than the Z Flip, because its processor is already a little outdated, it has less memory, and the battery does not seem impressive. But, in defense of Motorola, we can say that this smartphone came out earlier than the Z Flip, and, because of the rapid development of technology, it still has average power and excellent features.


Regarding the camera, you can’t say which device is better. Because the Razr is equipped with the main camera with a single lens at 16MP, f 1.7, 1.22 microns, while the Z Flip got two main cameras at 12MP, f 1.8 12MP, f 2.2. But in the battle of the front-end, Razr lost ground.

Prices and Availability

Motorola Razr is available for pre-order from February 4, and the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip can be ordered only from February 14. It is very important because the prices that you are about to see should surprise you.
Motorola will cost you $1,499, and the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip will come for $1,380.


Both Motorola and Samsung did an incredibly great job bringing technology to the highest level, which previously seemed merely unattainable.

Both devices have their pros and cons, and this cannot be denied. Motorola Razr is the choice of those who sincerely love the legendary brand itself and are attached to this perfect design from Motorola. At the same time, the Samsung Z Flip has a reasonable quality-price-ratio, which will appeal to those who want to get a more practical device.