A teaser for the first OnePlus smartwatch has appeared on the company's official Twitter.

A sketch of a OnePlus smartwatch dating back to 2015 accompanied the text that the ecosystem of devices will soon grow with new products, specifying that it is "just a matter of time." Given such an obvious hint, there is no doubt that the next novelty from OnePlus will be a smartwatch.

In August, OnePlus Watch was spotted in the Singapore-based IMDA (Infocomm Media Development Authority) database, so the official announcement will take place in the next few weeks.

It's important to re-emphasize that the image above is an old sketch and not a final render. The design and specifications of OnePlus smartwatches are still unknown.

But this sketch confirms that OnePlus started development back in 2015. Five years have passed since OnePlus decided to enter the smartwatch market, where Apple now rules with a share of over 50%.

Back in 2016, co-founder of the smartphone giant OnePlus, Carl Pei, who recently has left the company, shared sketches of a smartwatch. OnePlus had planned to enter the smartwatch market back in 2016 but canceled the device at the last moment, deciding it did not meet the brand's high standards.