Xiaomi has revealed its latest creation, CyberDog 2, a successor to the original CyberDog introduced in 2021. Departing from the design resembling Boston Dynamics' Spot in the first generation, CyberDog 2 boasts a more distinctive and lifelike appearance, reminiscent of a Doberman. This quadruped robot weighs just 8.9 kg and stands at 36.7 cm, showcasing its agility and compactness.

The advancements in this bio-inspired robot are truly remarkable. Xiaomi has incorporated their self-developed CyberGear actuators that elevate its mobility, enabling complex maneuvers like continuous backflips and swift fall recovery. CyberDog 2's intelligence is augmented by an array of sensors, including cameras, LiDAR, ultrasonic, and ToF sensors, aiding in its navigation and decision-making capabilities. Its NX processor, accompanied by co-processors, ensures seamless performance, delivering a computing power of up to 21 TOPS.

Xiaomi is not only elevating the technology but also fostering open innovation. CyberDog 2 comes as an open-source platform, inviting enthusiasts and developers to experiment and contribute to its growth.

Priced at around $1,800, this remarkable robo-dog is set to advance the landscape of robotics and AI interaction.