Samsung has introduced a special edition of its Galaxy Watch6 Classic, known as the Astro Edition, exclusively for the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region. Inspired by the region's historical contributions to sciences like astronomy and mathematics, this limited-edition watch pays homage to the past while incorporating modern technology.

The Galaxy Watch6 Classic Astro Edition draws inspiration from the astrolabe, an ancient instrument used for navigation and timekeeping. Its standout feature is the rotating Black Astro bezel, reminiscent of an astrolabe's functionality. This watch also comes with an extra Fabric Band, Astro Edition collectibles, and offers exclusive software features, including a compass complication and trackers for solar and lunar movements.

Samsung Unveils the Galaxy Watch 6 Series with a Rotating Bezel
With a focus on health and fitness, the Galaxy Watch 6 series includes advanced sleep tracking capabilities, personalized heart rate zones, and over 100 workout tracking options.

Samsung's move showcases the company's recognition of MENA's historical significance in the field of sciences and innovation. By blending historical influence with modern technology, the Galaxy Watch6 Classic Astro Edition offers a unique and meaningful wearable for those in the MENA region, celebrating both their past contributions and future potential.