Elon Musk's highly anticipated Tesla Cybertruck has finally hit the road as the first batch of these futuristic electric trucks was delivered to customers. The event, held at Tesla's headquarters in Austin, Texas, featured a lavish presentation where Musk shared updated details about the Cybertruck's pricing, range, and features.

After four years since its debut and much anticipation, the Cybertruck was delivered to about a dozen lucky customers. However, there's still a long journey ahead for this angular and polarizing electric truck.

Here's what you need to know:

  • Three Versions

The Tesla Cybertruck will come in three configurations. The base model, a single-motor rear-wheel-drive version with a starting price of $60,990, won't be available until 2025 and offers 250 miles of range. Coming in 2024 are the dual-motor all-wheel-drive version, starting at $79,990 with a range of 340 miles, and the top-tier Cyberbeast with three motors, priced at $99,990, boasting 320 miles of range, and incredible power.

  • Impressive Features

The Cybertruck comes with a bulletproof exterior, 35-inch all-terrain tires on 20-inch rims, and a spacious composite truck bed. It offers 67 cubic feet of lockable storage and a maximum payload of 2,500 pounds. Additionally, it features electronically adaptive air suspension that can provide up to 17 inches of clearance when needed.

  • Unique Design

The Cybertruck maintains its distinctive trapezoidal shape and stainless steel exterior, although the truck bed now features a composite lining. Notably, the exterior includes armored glass designed to resist impacts, as demonstrated successfully during the event.

  • Interior Innovations

Inside the Cybertruck, drivers and passengers will find an 18.5-inch infinity touchscreen in the front and a 9.4-inch touchscreen in the back. The steering wheel is now a conventional wheel, and there is an unconventional placement of gear shifter buttons and front-facing cameras for enhanced visibility.

While the Cybertruck's pricing has increased since its initial announcement in 2019, it represents an exciting addition to Tesla's lineup of electric vehicles. With its unique design and impressive capabilities, the Cybertruck aims to carve its niche in the competitive truck market, offering a blend of power, style, and innovation that has become synonymous with the Tesla brand.