Originally, Popcorn Time was a free software BitTorrent client that also included a media player. Launched in 2014, the site was then unexpectedly shut by its developers later the same year.

Shortly after, however, several forks of the original Popcorn Time emerged. They still had the “Popcorn Time” in their names but other than that they had no relations to the initial application and its developers.

Popcorn Time Introduced Popcorn Time for Kids During the Coronavirus Quarantine
Popcorn Time reacted to numerous requests of its users and created a special version of Popcorn Time for kids at a time when most children are locked at home and have nothing to do during the quarantine.

Popcorntime.sh (previously known as popcorntime.io) was one of those forks and was considered to be the successor to the discontinued version. In 2015, the developers redirected the original Popcorn Time’s website to the popcorntime.io. In 2016, the popcorntime.io app was updated and the popcorntime.sh site was the one where the new version was released from.

Currently, the popcorntime.sh site cannot be reached, and its server IP address could not be found. The details as for what happened remain unknown. But is it the end of the era, though?