Once Hemingway, Mary Poppins, Mr. Hyde, and the Nutty Professor walked into a bar. It is not necessary to get wasted to find out whom you resemble when you get all tipsy. You just need to read our article.

The Internet is replete with an abundance of articles like “33 Types of Drunk Friends” or “10 Types of People You Meet in a Bar.” Still, no one has ever conducted any serious research on this topic. A team of brave and slightly desperate researchers selected 187 paired teams and held an interesting experiment. Every pair of participants taking part in this experiment had to get drunk together, then pass several tests, fill out a form, and describe their behavior before and after the drinking-bout. Sounds like a scenario for a perfect date, doesn’t it? Afterwards, the researchers processed the collected information and identified 4 behavioral clusters of liquored up people.

Type #1: Hemingway

Both men and women equally fall into this category. The distinctive feature of such people is that they keep sanity, but get some loss of coordination. The representatives of this group retain the gift of imagination and the relative clarity of their thought process. And yet, walking from the table to the bathroom is hellishly hard for them. This type is named after the old man Ernest who used to feverishly claim that he could drink as much whiskey as he wanted while maintaining sobriety of the mind.

Type #2: Mary Poppins

It’s the largest group that consists mainly of women. Cute representatives of this type remain as lovely as they were when they were sober, sometimes they become even more lovely. They are least likely to get into drunken fights or troubles that are so tempting to get involved in when you’re on an alcoholic roll.

Type #3: Mr. Hyde

Mr. Hyde is an alter ego of the law-abiding and intelligent quiet man named Dr. Jekyll. The researchers included people who lose their mind, intelligence and turn into brawlers when they’re drunk to this category. This kind of person may well wake up in another city after the bender. Unbelievable, but true: two-thirds of this type representatives are women.

Type #4: The Nutty Professor

Both men and women are equally present in this type. It unites all shy introverts who, like Eddie Murphy’s character, become the life of the party – extroverts – after someone pours them some forty-degree potion.