The Japanese automaker of luxury vehicles, Lexus, has shown a unique sled with jet engines. Unusual transport is intended, of course, for Santa Claus.

The vehicle is called the Lexus HX Sleigh Concept. The grille is reminiscent of the latest NX and RX grilles, while the headlights and trunk are in IS style.

The HX is a uniquely designed vehicle that meets the special needs of a wealthy customer. Among other requirements, the customer wanted his luxury sled to have plenty of luggage space. That's why Lexus HX Sleigh has a large trunk so that "Santa" could put all the gifts in it.

The Japanese automaker revealed some special options for the futuristic sled:

  • A 25-inch touchscreen with Embedded Air Traffic Control
  • Climate Concierge with Neck Warmer
  • A Kick Sensor to easily open the trunk
  • Mark Levinson surround sound system