Top global oil exporter Saudi Arabia is going to construct an eco-city called The Line. The construction of a zero-carbon city will begin this year in northwestern Saudi Arabia. There will be no roads and motor transport, and it will be offered to move around the city on high-speed trains, bicycles, and scooters.

The Line will become part of the large-scale futuristic project Neom and will be located 170 km along the Red Sea coast. The eco-city will have three levels: one on the surface for the inhabitants and two more underground.

One of them will be used to maintain infrastructure, and the second will become an ultra-high-speed transport hub, which will be controlled using artificial intelligence. Simultaneously, the city will be powered exclusively by renewable energy, and AI will also regulate the eco-environment in The Line.

The construction of The Line will cost $100-200 billion. At the same time, the Saudi Arabian authorities promise to preserve nature that will be affected by the city's construction by 95%.

The Saudis expect that thanks to The Line, 380,000 jobs will be created, and the city will bring $48 billion of GDP by 2030. The eco-city can help Saudi Arabia develop a green economy and energy. It is Crown Prince Mohammed's latest vision for Saudi Arabia's future beyond oil.