This book is the godsend for those who wants to start to be versed in history and biology, but too lazy to become a pro.

Forget tedious historical books that are teeming with incomprehensible terms. As the first three chapters of this book you can swallow in 40 minutes, and then it’s impossible to tear away from it.

The great thing about this book is the apprehensible manner of narration, however each statement is backed up with science facts. Complicated made simple, it definitely deserves the bestseller status.

What's interesting?

  • Human species which inhabit the Earth today populate the planet the shortest period amid all human species.
  • It was human who exterminated mammoths and other large mammals not even realising it.
  • Because of evolution, we have perpetual problems with spine and childbirth.
  • The value of gossips in society and the trap of farming.
  • We have never lived in unity with nature.
  • The story of blood-thirsty Christians and another good couple of dozen things slightly turning the brain in the head.

"Sapiens. A Brief History of Humanity" is the first book that can be safely recommended to everyone, regardless of reading preferences and the background of abstruse terminology.

Humanity is not a pack of wolves, which suddenly possessed tanks and nuclear weapon, but most likely we are a flock of sheep, which by virtue of an inexplicable whim of evolution has learned to craft and use tanks and missiles. And armed sheep are much more dangerous than armed wolves.