Long flights can be utterly exhausting and can have an impact on both health and appearance.  If you want to feel and look fresh and neat after them and have a desire to find out about some handy picks worth taking on board, you are in the right place. But first, let’s figure out what the key inconveniences one can experience when flying on a plane and how they can be resolved.

Sore legs

Take care of your legs beforehand, especially if you are flying in an economy class. There are several ways to do it. For instance, you can buy a first-raw seat just behind the business class or in the middle of the plane near the emergency exit because there is enough space for legs in these areas. One more unpleasant fact about legs is that if you nonetheless don’t make a decision to fly first class and you there’s a need to sleep in a seat, by the end of the flight your legs will most likely become swollen. On top of that, there’s a high probability your shoes won’t fit anymore. That is precisely why it is recommended to wear comfy sneakers and loose clothes while travelling.

Furthermore, these days, airports provide a wide range of compression socks for air travel. You can simply put them on before the flight, and your legs will not look like giant sausages later on.

In addition, you can purchase an inflatable neck pillow. Surely, you can get a pillow along with a blanket and a blindfold if you have a long flight. Those pillows are usually too small, though, which makes them useless and guarantees future pain in your neck.

Dry skin

To prevent dry skin, pack a thermal spring water spray in your carry-on and hydrate your skin from time to time. The bonus is that thermal water also slows down skin ageing.

Besides, it is essential to drink water during the flight, but don’t overdo it because there’s a chance you’ll arrive at the place of destination with a puffy face. Just to be safe, take along your lip balm and some under-eye patches, and you’ll look fresh regardless of the quality of your sleep in a plane.


The previous tip naturally brings us to sleep. What about it? I wouldn’t recommend taking a sleeping pill in case of minor tiredness, because jetlag is inevitable anyway. It’s much better either to fall asleep without any medications or, if it’s not possible, to try and hang in there and pass the time by reading or watching a movie.

General appearance

Most airlines will provide you with a toothpaste and a toothbrush, but just in case take them in travel size as well as a dry shampoo to make your hair smell fresh between the washes.

All these pieces of advice can help you arrive in a tip-top condition and simply look brilliant.

If you have a business meeting right after the airport, it’s reasonable to make an appointment at such a time so that you can get ready for it. One more tip is to take some clean clothes in your carry-on to change into on your arrival at the airport. However, if you are on vacation, don’t waste your time! Go put on your swimwear and go to sleep at the beach rather than in the hotel room.

Don’t’ miss any single precious moment!