Bill Gates recently shared his latest list of recommended reads and a TV show for the summer, emphasizing themes of service and human connection. The recommendations, which Gates posted on his personal blog, reflect his ongoing interest in works that explore human values and technological impact on society.

This year's selection includes four books and one television series, each chosen for their deep dive into how we serve and connect with others—a timely curation given the current global climate of conflict and division.

  • The Women, by Kristin Hannah

This novel traces the poignant experiences of a U.S. Army nurse who served in Vietnam, only to return to a nation embroiled in anti-war protests. Gates praised Hannah's compelling portrayal of the often overlooked contributions and sacrifices of female veterans.

  • Infectious Generosity, by Chris Anderson

Known for his role in leading TED Talks, Anderson explores how the internet can amplify acts of generosity beyond financial contributions. His book provides a blueprint for fostering a more generous spirit at every level of society.

  • Brave New Words, by Sal Khan

In this insightful book, Sal, the founder of Khan Academy, discusses the transformative potential of AI in education. He envisions a future where AI enhances educational outcomes globally and makes high-quality education more accessible.

  • How to Know a Person, by David Brooks

In his book, Brooks delves into the art of communication, proposing that true understanding of others can be developed and refined. His book offers techniques for better listening and more meaningful interactions.

Bill Gates Shares Top Books, TV Shows & Music for Summer 2023
Whether you’re looking for a captivating book, an engaging TV show, or some great music to accompany your summer, Bill Gates’ recommendations offer a variety of options to make the most of your leisure time.
  • Slow Horses on Apple TV+

This British series features a group of MI5 agents relegated to a dumping ground department of the agency because of their career mishaps. Gates, a self-proclaimed fan of spy narratives, commends Gary Oldman's portrayal of the unconventional protagonist, Jackson Lamb.

Gates expressed his appreciation for each selection's unique perspective on the complexities of human experiences and the power of understanding and aiding one another. He hopes that these stories will inspire others to consider the roles they can play in making the world a better place through service and empathy.