Thousands of complaints were received to the Apple support service due to the severe error of the widely-used FaceTime Video call app. The app allows users to talk and see each other, but who would know that your device can turn on that functions uncontrollably. The user didn’t accept the call and had no idea that the interlocutor is on the line.

The bug affected all the owners of iOS 12.1 (or later version) who were using FaceTime for group calls. Apple promised to manage the problem as soon as possible and disabled the group call tool until the next iOS software update.
The problem was related to group calls and affected all device owners on iOS 12.1 or later using FaceTime. Apple promised to solve this problem quickly, and before the release of the iOS update, the company turned off the group call function in FaceTime.

It took some time for Apple to develop the patch which corrects the proper running of the service, but in the iOS 12.1.4, it was fixed. The company clarified that they dug into the matter and found another vulnerability related to the Live Photos feature. Although there were no cases reported, Apple blocked the feature for security of users who haven’t installed the updated the latest iOS and macOS version of the system on their devices.

It’s quite unusual, but the FaceTime bug discoverer was a 14-year-old schoolboy Grant Thompson. He stumbled upon the vulnerability while playing the Fortnite with his friends. The curious teenager showed the malfunction to his mother and asked to contact the support department. Unfortunately, Apple didn’t pay attention to their request and started considering the issue only after the numerous emergency claims.

However, another positive fact of this story is that Apple rewarded the boy. Together with a prize of the Apple Vulnerability Search program, the lucky kid will get the grant for high school education Catalina Foohills in Arizona.
The company recognized this error and now intend to reward Thompson: The teenager will receive an award under the Apple Vulnerability Search program, as well as a grant for high school education Catalina Foohills (Arizona).