In a bid to make email communication more expressive and user-friendly, Google has unveiled emoji reactions in Gmail. This feature enables users to respond to emails with a wide array of emojis, allowing for quick and concise reactions.

Users will find a smiley face icon beneath their Gmail messages on both mobile and desktop versions. By clicking on this icon, a menu of emojis becomes available, making it easy to pick and send the one that best conveys your reaction. Some emojis, like 🎉, add an interactive element by triggering animations when selected.

Google’s Emoji Mashup Maker Is Now Available on Google Search
Google has rolled out its Emoji Kitchen feature on the web, allowing users to create unique emoji combinations directly from Google Search. This feature, previously available only on Android’s Gboard, is now accessible to a wider audience.

The introduction of emoji reactions is set to be a gradual process. Initially, Android users will have access to this feature, while iOS and web users can expect it to be integrated into their Gmail experience in the coming months.

However, there are a few limitations to be aware of. Emoji reactions won't be available for work or school accounts, and they are limited to 20 reactions per message. Additionally, they won't function in instances where emails are sent to more than 20 people, or in group email lists, among other exceptions.

Gmail AI Can Now Help You Write Emails on Your Phone
For users who are short on time and need assistance in writing a complete email, they can provide a prompt, and the AI algorithm will generate a detailed message based on that prompt.

This new feature represents Google's effort to offer users an alternative means of expressing themselves when a written reply isn't necessary or practical. It brings Gmail in line with messaging apps that already incorporate emoji reactions.