Notion has launched a new calendar app, aptly named Notion Calendar, to streamline time management across work and personal life. Following its acquisition of Cron in 2022, Notion has reimagined and integrated the calendar app into its versatile workspace.

Notion Calendar offers a unified approach to managing your schedule, combining work commitments, personal plans, and project timelines within a single interface.

The calendar is deeply integrated with the Notion workspace, making it easy to connect all relevant Notion documents to meetings and events. It currently supports Google Calendar, Google Meet, and Zoom integrations, enhancing your productivity and collaboration.

Users can effortlessly link relevant documents, project schedules, and task deadlines to their calendar events.

One of Notion Calendar's standout features is its focus on promoting concentration. It enables users to view their day's schedule and join virtual meetings directly from the computer's menu bar, reducing the distractions associated with switching between applications.

Moreover, Notion Calendar eliminates the need for separate work and personal calendars by displaying all commitments in a single view. The auto-blocking feature prevents scheduling conflicts or double-bookings, ensuring efficient time management.

Notion aims to further enhance its all-in-one workspace by incorporating the time management layer into various aspects of the platform, including notes, projects, and tasks.

Notion Calendar is already available on Mac, Windows, and iOS, with an Android version set to release in the future. Best of all, it's free for all users, offering a comprehensive solution for managing your time effectively.