Enterprising employees of the Texas zoo in San Antonio decided to please broken hearts in the run-up to Valentine’s Day. For only $5, they will name a cockroach after that bad person who broke your heart and then feed it to the birds. This was reported in an official press release.

The application needs to be submitted before February 13. On Valentine’s Day, the zoo representatives will process all requests and then will start streaming. This way, you will see with your own eyes how your former love becomes dinner for the feathered.

There’s also an option for those who have been screwed with pretty badly. For $25, you can name a rat that will then be live fed to a reptile. You can name a cockroach here, and a rat here. The representatives of the zoo vouch that the defenders of rats and insects can sleep soundly.

Here’s a FAQ list published in an official zoo’s press release:

Do we feed live rodents to our snakes or other animals?

No, the pre-frozen rodents we utilize are part of regular daily scheduled feedings of our animals. They are delivered frozen from a mouse farm and stored at our Nutrition Center until thawed for feedings.

How do we house our roaches until they are fed to our animals?

Live roaches are sourced from professional roach breeders, the colony is cared for and maintained by the Reptile Department in the Reptile House.

How do you care for your feeders such as cockroaches?

All of our feeder insects were part of the audit by American Humane (the oldest animal welfare organization in the country). During our animal welfare audit by American Humane the treatment of all the animals in our care including feeders such as cockroaches mealworms, crickets and more were inspected. We proudly became Humane Certified by American Humane in 2017. We were proudly the first zoological facility on the planet to be accredited by both AZA and ZAA as well as Humane Certified by American Humane.