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Lolly Page is a modern IT-girl. Covering interpersonal relationships, she teaches how to avoid abuse and set personal boundaries. Modern trends and WTF news are her cup of tea.

17 Useful Apps for Musicians for All Occasions

From handy tuners and metronomes to portable recording studios, here are some of the best apps for musicians to help you write, record, perform, and practice music.

Weekly Fun: Dolphin Robot, New Moon Exploration Rules, and Doom on a Calculator

This week’s stories feature a realistic dolphin robot, the end of the career of a comedian who filmed "anti-porn" for Pornhub, and a blogger who runs Doom on a calculator.

What Is Bardcore and How It Became the Genre of the Year

In April of this year, versions of popular melodies in a medieval arrangement began to appear on YouTube. Today there are hundreds of such covers, and the genre now has a name – bardcore or tavernwave.

VidCon Is Getting Back Next Summer in a Hybrid Format

The annual tech conference introduced a hybrid approach that includes both in-person and virtual events. The decision follows VidCon’s successful experience in holding many digital sessions this year, referred to as VidCon Now.

Handy Tips: How to Survive the First Days at a New Job

Getting to the point when you get a new job indeed deserves a celebration, but there’s also a lot of uncertainty that comes with a new job. To help you get through the first days at a new workplace, we’ve gathered some tips on how to survive this important period.

What Is Today? Kim Kardashian’s Birthday

Today, on October 21, Kim Kardashian celebrates her 40th birthday. In honor of this, we are sharing iconic memes featuring Kim.

Handy Tips: How to Make a Car Phone Holder

Today, we will tell you how to make a car phone holder using only an elastic band, a pen, and 10 seconds of your time.

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