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Lolly Page is a modern IT-girl. Covering interpersonal relationships, she teaches how to avoid abuse and set personal boundaries. Modern trends and WTF news are her cup of tea.

Netflix Released an Animated Series Guide to Meditation

Netflix and Headspace are planning two more similar shows: Headspace Guide to Sleep and an interactive experience.

Weekly Fun: How the Heroes of Famous Memes Have Changed

We wanted to know exactly how people and animals' lives from viral Internet memes have changed: did they want to benefit from their short-term popularity, or did they just decide to live their own lives?

Top 4 Startups to Watch in 2021: Sunday Dating and Finding Jobs

In this article, we will tell you about four startups to watch in 2021, specializing in dating, finding jobs, and effective communication with clients.

What Is Today? Blue Monday

Blue Monday is the most depressing day of the year. It is distinguished by a depressed mood, unsuccessful decisions, low levels of motivation, and general anxiety.

How Tinder's Competitors Solved Its Issues: Part 1

Even though Tinder is the most lucrative service in the online dating industry, it lacks some useful features, and competitors are trying to fill those gaps. Let's see how popular services make online dating easier and more enjoyable.

Weekly Fun: I Drew the Weeknd Meme and John Dillermand Cartoon

This week’s stories feature a new meme where people draw The Weeknd, no Donald Trump in the Home Alone 2 movie, and a Danish cartoon about the man with the longest penis in the world.

Hype Simulator: Feel Like the Most-Followed TikTok or Instagram Account

After signing in to the app, you will receive millions of followers and hundreds of comments on Instagram and TikTok.

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