Adobe Photoshop

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Adobe Photoshop is a graphics editor developed and distributed by Adobe Systems. This product is the market leader in commercial raster image editing and the most recognized Adobe product. Photoshop is available on Mac OS X/Mac OS and Microsoft Windows platforms. Earlier versions of the editor were ported to SGI IRIX.

Instagram Hides Photoshopped Photos, Causing Confusion Among Digital Artists

A San Francisco-based photographer was the first to discover that his post was labelled for “False Information,” even though there were no reasons for that.

Adobe to Help Tell Whether the Photo Has Been Edited or Not

At the annual Max creativity conference last week, the Adobe company introduced several new tools and features including About Face, Sweet Talk, and Sound Seek.

Adobe Photoshop Editor Became iPad-Friendly

Adobe photo editor is always by your side. Now you can work on your images on the iPad anywhere.

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