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ASMR refers to the sensation some people may get while watching stimulating videos or participating in other activities. The feeling is usually described as a tingly sensation running through the back of one’s head and spine. The ASMR feeling can be triggered by various things, including the sounds of crinkling wrapping paper, tapping, stirring liquids, etc.

What Is Today? International ASMR Day

April 9 is International Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response (ASMR) Day! If you still don't have this amazing phenomenon in your life, check out our selection of the best ASMR videos that will help you fall asleep, wake up, or just relax after a long day.

Brain Orgasm: 7 YouTube Channels With Soothing ASMR Videos

Although the effect of ASMR is often referred to as “braingasm,” there is nothing sexual about it. People watch ASMR videos to relax, calm down, or get rid of sleeping problems. We have found a bunch of YouTube channels that will help you do the same.

An ASMR Video From Cardi B

If you have not yet figured out what to do on a Sunday evening, an ASMR video from Cardi B will come to the rescue.

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